The Way It Should Have Been

Author: Daala

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in this story, they're Joss Whedon's and everyone else who has rights to them. I am simply borrowing them for entertainment purposes, no profit is being made. A lot of the scenes bear a lot of similarity to "Innocence." But I made a lot of changes, and those are mine.
Distribution: Sure... just ask first(I'll probably say yes) and tell me where it's going.
Author's Notes: Here is the long-awaited(who am I kidding? =) alternate ending to "Surprise." As you might see, I am still in denial on "Innocence," even though we are seasons ahead. Oh, well. You will find some parts similar to "Innocence," but it is overall different. This is how I, as a die-hard B/A shipper, think the eps should have happened. I wanna know what you all think. Please! I crave feedback.
Thank you: To everyone who sent me the wonderful feedback. I can't remember all your names, but thanks! And to Amanda for helping me with the title.


Part 1

As Buffy Summers opened her eyes, she realized she was not alone and that she was not in her own room, for that matter. Finally remembering where she was, she rolled over and looked at the man asleep beside her, not wanting to wake him up.

Angel eyes cracked open anyway. "Hey," he said.

Buffy smiled. "Hey, yourself," she answered. "Sorry if I woke you."

He shook his head. "I'm a light sleeper."

She glanced at the bedside clock, and her eyes widened. "Oh, God," she muttered.

"What?" he asked with concern.

Buffy pointed at the clock. "It's already seven fifteen," she told Angel.

"So?" he asked. "Wait, your mother?"

"Nah, my mom thinks I'm at Willow's," she replied. At his raised eyebrow, she continued. "We did a round robin last night at the library so that we could research."

When he nodded, she continued her explanation. "For one thing, we didn't call Giles last night to tell him we were okay."

"I did," Angel said. "I called while you were asleep. Knowing them, they might have gone and done something... rash."

Buffy chuckled. "To put it mildly, yeah," she replied. "Okay, so that's covered. Well, there's school. Homeroom's at eight."

"Right," Angel said. It was little things like that, that reminded him of the fact that Buffy was only seventeen.

Buffy tried to roll out of bed, but Angel caught her arm and rolled on top of her. He leaned down and kissed her passionately. When he finished, he pulled away softly.

"What was that for?" Buffy asked quietly.

"Just for being you," he answered. "For making me feel loved, trusted... human."

She smiled and blushed a little. "Well, then, you're welcome."

When she tried to pull him toward her again, he pulled away. "School, remember?"

Her lips formed a pout, but she realized that she should leave now or she wouldn't be able to leave at all. Angel rolled back to his side and allowed her to get off the bed and get dressed. Just as she was about to start toward the door, she turned back to him, leaned over, and kissed him softly.

"See you tonight?" Buffy asked.

Angel responded with a nod. She turned and left the apartment.

Buffy walked home and opened the door. She glanced at her watch and saw that it was already seven thirty. She had enough time to take a quick shower and change her clothes. Slowly, she opened the door so that she wouldn't call attention from her mother, even though Joyce knew that Buffy hadn't come home that night.

She was halfway up the stairs when her mother called her from the bottom. Buffy turned around and smiled at her mother.

"Hey, mom," she said in a cheerful voice. "I was just gonna take a quick shower and change to go to school."

Joyce nodded. "Did you have fun last night?"

Buffy's eyes widened slightly. "Fun?" she asked.

"At Willow's," Joyce said as if it were obvious.

"Oh!" Buffy cried. "Uh, yeah, lots."

Joyce gave her daughter a smile. "That's good sweetie, get your books. If you hurry, I can drive you to school."

Buffy smiled gratefully and ran the rest of the way up the stairs. After a quick shower and a change of clothes, her mother drove her to school.

"Hi, Giles," Willow said as she entered the library.

"Oh, um, hello, Willow," Giles said coming down from the stacks.

Willow set her backpack down and plopped down on a chair. "Any word from Buffy?"

Giles nodded as he came down the stairs. "As a matter of fact, Angel phoned last night to tell me that he and Buffy had escaped from the Judge and were..."

He was interrupted as Xander and Cordelia walked into the library. "Hey, it's Giles and the Willster!" Xander said and sitting down in the chair next to Willow. "Any word from Buffy?"

Giles sighed. "Yes, Xander," he said with some exasperation. "As I was just telling Willow, Angel phoned last night to tell me that he and Buffy were both safe."

"And the Judge?" Willow asked.

"I'm afraid he has been assembled," Giles replied.

Willow looked alarmed. "Well, we should do something, right? I mean, we're not just gonna sit around and wait to be massacred. Right?"

"No, of course not," Giles said. "We are going to do something..."

Buffy chose that moment to walk through the door. "Hey, guys," she greeted. "What's up?"

Willow jumped up from her chair and enveloped Buffy in a hug. "I'm glad you're not dead," she said.

"So am I," Buffy answered with a smile.

Giles stepped forward. "What happened last night?" he asked.

Buffy looked at him. "What? When?"

Giles closed his eyes and sighed. "With the Judge, Buffy. Angel told me that you were all right but he didn't offer many details."

"Oh," Buffy said. "Well, we went in, we got caught, we escaped." Buffy shrugged and went to sit down next to Xander and Cordelia.

"Was the Judge like, really ugly?" Cordelia asked.

Buffy nodded."Yup. Tall, blue, with horns..."

"Where did you go to?" Giles interrupted.

"After we escaped?" Buffy questioned. At Giles' nod, she answered. "Well, um, we went back to his apartment. It was raining and I was really tired, so I slept."

"Is there anything useful you can tell us?" he asked.

Buffy thought for several moments. "Not really. I felt a sudden fever when I kicked him. I can only wonder what would've happen if he'd gotten his hands on me..."

"In time he won't need to," Giles informed her. "As he gains strength, he will be able to reduce you to ashes with one look."

"Ouch," Xander commented.

"We need more info on him," Buffy said. "We need to find a weak spot or something."

Giles nodded and turned to go into his office just as the bell for first period rang. The gang got up and they all left to go to their classes, Cordelia and Xander, and Buffy and Willow each involved in their own conversations. Well, if you could call the screaming and arguing between Xander and Cordy a conversation.


Drusilla was lying on a table, her eyes closed and her hands clutching her stomach.

"What's wrong, baby?" Spike asked absent minded.

"The stars, Spike," she said, opening her eyes. "The stars are speaking to me and they say ugly things..."

Suddenly concerned, he wheeled himself to her side. "What do they say, Dru?"

"My Angel. My Angel is happy. The Slayer made him happy," she murmured. "You'll kill the mean Slayer for me, won't you Spike?"

Spike reached out a hand to her and she took it while sliding off from on top of the table. "Of course, Dru," he said soothingly. "I'll kill her for princess."

The Judge walked to stand behind Spike. "This Slayer," he said to Spike. "How long have you been after her?"

"What do you care?"

The Judge narrowed his eyes. "Did she put you in this... thing?" he asked, motioning to the wheelchair.

"Damn right," he said. "That's why she's gonna pay."

The Judge shook his head in amusement and left the room. Spike frowned. He didn't like the Judge very much, but his Dru wanted to destroy the world and he wanted to please her however possible. Even if it meant putting up with Big Blue. Of course, he couldn't help but wonder what would happen afterwards. What would happen after the people were gone? The thrill of the hunt, and the satisfaction of draining the humans of their sweet blood, the thrill of killing the Slayers... what would happen to that?

He shook himself out of his thoughts. That would wait until later. Spike had always been known to be a spur-of-the-moment vampire, and the reputation would remain standing.


"So, did you really sleep last night?" Willow asked Buffy as they made their way to lunch.

"Of course," Buffy said innocently.

"Okay, let me rephrase that," Willow started. "Did you do anything else besides sleep last night?"

Buffy glanced in Willow's direction as they entered the cafeteria. "Will, don't you think that's a bit of a private question?"

Willow shifted uncomfortably under Buffy's gaze. "But I'm your best friend!"

"Still, there are some things you don't say."

Willow's eyes widened as Buffy left to make the lunch line. "So you did... seize the day," she said as the caught up.

Buffy shrugged, but the small smile on her face gave her away. "So, what was it like?" Willow asked.

With a sigh, Buffy gave it up and finally grinned. "I can't describe it," she said. "It was like I felt so... loved. It was so obvious."

Willow smiled dreamily. "It is obvious."

"Oh, and Will, he finally said it! He finally told me that he loves me."

Willow grinned. "Well, it was about time!" she said.

Buffy nodded in agreement and Willow decided to change the subject. "So, what are we going to do about the Judge?" Willow asked.

With a frown, Buffy reached for whatever the slimy thing for lunch was and put it in her tray. "What is this anyway?" she asked Willow.

Willow shrugged. "Best not to look at it."

"Ok, um, the Judge," Buffy said. "No idea. I'm thinking one of us should be able to come up with something tonight."

"I hope so..." Willow said.

They made their way to the lunch table and ate the rest of their lunch in silence.

Part 2

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