Part 4

"So, did you ask Angel about dinner at your house?" Willow asked Buffy the next day.

"Ugh," Buffy groaned. "No, not yet. I'll do it next time I see him, though. I wonder if he'll laugh at me."

"Angel wouldn't do that," Willow argued.

"No," Buffy agreed. "But come on, you don't expect a guy his age to have to meet his seventeen year old girlfriend's mother, do you?"

Willow raised an eyebrow. "No... but you don't expect a guy his age to be alive and looking that good, either."

Buffy laughed. "That's true. Speaking of, we're gonna have to make up a story, too."

"You'll work it out," Willow said.

"Hey, I'm glad we're out of this whole Judge mess," Buffy said, deciding to change the subject.

Cordelia chose that moment to appear next to them. "I know!" she exclaimed with relief.

"It'll be weeks before I get those stains from my dress."

"What stains?" Willow asked. "Buffy did most of the killing."

"Yeah, and all that dust got on my dress. Gross much?" Cordelia said.

Buffy and Willow responded by rolling her eyes. "Only you, Cordy," Buffy said. "Only you."

"Hey, Cordy," Willow said suddenly. "Why are you walking with us? Aren't you worried about being seen with school losers?"

Cordelia opened her mouth, as if to answer and then closed it. "I don't know," she said. Then, she quickly recovered. "Well, people know I'm dating a loser, so why not walk with a couple?"

Willow frowned. "Who are you dating?"

Cordelia turned to Buffy. "You mean you didn't squeal?" Cordy said.

Buffy giggled. "Were you hoping I did?"

Cordelia's eyes widened and she quickly turned around and walked the other way.

"Did I miss something?" Willow asked.

"Might as well," Buffy said. "Cordy and Xander are dating. Actually, making out is more accurate."

Willow widened her eyes. "You're kidding! Those two have hated each other since Kinder!"

Buffy shrugged. "Apparently, they grew up."


"Did I miss anything?" Joyce said as she walked into the Summer's living room, where a movie was playing. She was holding a plate with two cupcakes, one holding a candle, and a large coffee mug on the other hand.

"Um, just some singing and running around," Buffy said. "Oh, cupcakes!"

Joyce smiled and set the plate down. "Uh, huh," she said. "Sorry I didn't have time to make you a real cake." She leaned took out some matches.

"That's okay."

"But we're still going shopping on Saturday," Joyce said leaning back on the couch. "So, what'd you do for your birthday? Have fun?"

Buffy nodded. "The guys threw a surprise birthday party for me."

Joyce grinned. "Oh really? How thoughtful!" she said. "Does, um, 'the guys' include Angel?"

"Yes, mom," Buffy answered with a roll of eyes. "Angel helped plan the party."

"Did you invite him over for dinner?"

"Not yet," Buffy said. When she noticed her mother was about to say something else, she hurried to continue. "But I will!"

"I want to meet this boy, or should I say man?" Joyce said.

"Mom! Please," Buffy replied. "You'll really like him, I swear. He likes art... I think he draws."

Joyce's eyes lighted up. "How delightful. But that doesn't excuse the fact that he's a lot older..."

"Just meet him, mom," Buffy interrupted. "I promise you'll like him."

Joyce nodded. "I promise to give him a fair chance. I trust your judgment."

Buffy smiled as Joyce leaned over to light a candle. "Happy Birthday, sweetie," Joyce said. "I don't have to sing do I?"

Buffy shook her head. "Nah..."

"Well, go on, make a wish," Joyce told her daughter.

Buffy looked at the candle for a long moment and then leaned over to blow it out. Once she did, she leaned back against her mother.

"What did you wish for?" Joyce asked.

"Call me superstitious," Buffy said with a laugh. "But if I tell you, it won't come true."

Joyce smiled in answer and together, they finished watching the movie in silence.

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