Joyce Summers

"Get the hell away from my daughter."

"I am your mother and you will make time to explain."

Joyce Summers(Kristine Sutherland) is Buffy's mother. After her divorce from Hank Summers, Buffy's father, she her daughter moved to Sunnydale, CA, hoping to start a new life. Of course, you can't escape your destiny, and trouble started once again for Buffy.

Oblivious as ever, Joyce had never known about her daughter's calling, and when she saw Buffy and Spike stake a vampire in "Becoming part 2," to say she was surprised would probably be an understatement. Her meeting with Spike was pretty much hillarious. Later in this very episode, she confronts Buffy about what she saw, they have a huge argument in which she ends up kicking Buffy out of the house.

"You walk out that door, don't even think about coming back."

Buffy, of course, takes her up on that and leaves to L.A. to live by herself. When she comes back at the end of the summer, Joyce has more or less accepted what Buffy is and tries to be supportive.

Angel had been introduced to her as Buffy's college history tutor in "Angel," so when she learns that Angel is really a vampire, she pretty much disapproves of him. She herself is the one who encourages Angel to leave Buffy.

In the episode "Band Candy," she sleeps with Giles, but it isn't until "Earshot," that he find out about that.

"You slept with Giles? On the hood of a police car? TWICE?"

Not that much more is known about Joyce Summers, because she is mostly a recurring guest star.

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