"That's me favorite shirt! That's me only shirt!"
"You talk about Slaying like it's a job. It's not. It's who you are."

Ah, yes. Kendra(Bianca Lawson). The other Vampire Slayer. Kendra only showed up on three episodes. "What's My Line" parts 1 and 2, and "Becoming" part 1. All we know about her is that she's a very methodical, by-the-book Slayer. Her Watcher's name is Sam Zabuto. She also speaks with a strange accent.

When we first saw her, he assumed that she belonged to the Order of Teraka, assins that Spike had sent after Buffy. She was spying on Buffy and Angel kissing, and Angel had his game face on, so naturally, she assumed they were both vampires.

Buffy: And what's your great plan for finding this dark power? You just gonna attack people randomly 'til you find a bad one?
Kendra: Of course not.
Buffy: Then why the hell did you attack me?
Kendra: I tought you were a vampire.
Buffy: Oh, a swing and a miss for the rookie.
Kendra: I had good reason to tink you were. Did I not see you kissing a vampire?
Willow: (stands up in her defense) Buffy would never do that! Oh. (to Buffy) Except for that sometimes you do that. (to Kendra) But only with Angel. (to Buffy) Right? (sits again)

After they all figure out why Kendra is the second Vampire Slayer, they start working together. Buffy and Kendra go to Willy's Bar, which is where Kendra had found Angel and trapped him in a cage so that he would become a dust once the sun came up, and discover that Willy has given Angel to Spike. They threaten Willy and he agrees to take them to Spike and Angel.

Once they get there, though, Willy turns them over to Spike. There is a huge fight between them and the assassins from the Order of Teraka, but Kendra and Buffy manage to free Angel. At the end, Buffy gives Kendra a new shirt(the purple one you see in the picture was torn during the fight), and tells Kendra to enjoy the plane ride home, and that going in a cargo hold is not traveling under cover. She goes to give Kendra a hug, but Kendra reminds her that she does not hug.

We see her again in "Becoming" part 1. While Buffy was patroling, she jumped up from behind. We see Kendra has changed a little. She's wearing a different outfit than that she wore when we last saw her, and she seems to smile more. As she had once told Buffy:

"Emotions are weakness, Buffy. You shouldn't entertain dem."

She gives Buffy the sword to use against Angel, should he succeed in releasing Acathla. Later, by the end of that episode, Drusilla shows up with a bunch of vampires at the library to kidnap Giles, while Buffy was being distracted by Angel at the cemetary. Kendra was there at the library and fought Dru, but Dru managed to hypnotize Kendra, and then use her long nails to slash her neck. This is when Buffy comes in and finds Kendra dead.

I personally liked Kendra and was sad to see her go, although I know many who disagree. May her memory live on...

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