About Me

Hey, just a few tidbits about me. I'll try not to be too boring. ~_^

NAME: Beatriz Angélica
SCREEN NAMES: Daala, Fett, Adli, Ti_ana
EYE COLOR: Dark brown, Black, whatever you wanna call it
HEIGHT: 5'2"
BIRTHDAY: August 26, 1984
BIRTHPLACE: San Juan, Puerto Rico
WHERE I LIVE NOW: Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Spanish, English, a little bit of Italian, hopefully I'll be able to add Japanese to this list soon
FAVORITE BOOKS: Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, The Dark is Rising Sequence by Susan Cooper, The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn, and Fear Street series by R.L. Stine
FAVORITE MOVE: Well, movies in this case... all STAR WARS movies
FAVORITE TV SHOWS: BtVS, Earth: Final Conflict, I Love Lucy, Mad About You, Dharma and Greg... I don't watch much tv anymore
FAVORITE ANIME: Cardcaptor Sakura, DBZ, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Vision of Escaflowne, Fushigi Yuugi
COOLEST VILLAINS: Spike, Angelus, Drusilla (BtVS), Darth Vader, Admiral Thrawn (Star Wars), Ghen (Riven), Nakago (Fushigi Yuugi)
COOLEST GOOD GUYS: Han Solo (Star Wars), Angel (BtVS), Liam Kinkaid (Earth: Final Conflict), Batman (Batman)
FAVORITE 'SHIPS: Despite the fact that I am a huge sci-fi/fantasy/horror lover, deep down I am a hopeless romantic. With that said: Buffy/Angel (BtVS), Han/Leia (Star Wars), Sheridan/Luis (Passions).
FAVORITE GENRE OF MUSIC: Rock, for the most part: hard rock, soft rock, heavy metal. Also, I love techno and stuff that you can dance to, like merengue and salsa
MOST HATED GENRE OF MUSIC: Teenie bopper pop (N'Sync, Britney Spears *yuck*) and country music
FAVORITE BANDS/ARTISTS: Collective Soul, VAST, Sarah McLachlan, The Cranberries, Weird Al Yankovic, Four Star Mary, Gypsy Kings
PLAY ANY INSTRUMENTS?: Yup. I've played the guitar ever since I was 7 years old. I also sing and write.
FAVORITE VIDEO/COMPUTER GAMES: Myst, Riven, Exile, Chrono Cross/Trigger
FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball, Soccer
PHOBIAS: claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces), arsonphobia/pyrophobia (fear of fire)... I also hate clowns, but I'm not scared of them... LOL
STUFF I LOVE TO RESEARCH: Egyptian and Irish mythology, vampire folklore, strange occurences on Earth, such as UFOs, the Bermuda Triangle, among other things
HOW TO REACH ME: You can email me at Jastermereel@hotmail.com. I do have MSN, at the before stated email. AIM: LadyGethzerion, ICQ: 5572468 (please don't send an empty authorization message, cause I won't know if I should authorize or not).

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