"I have my thoughts. If they exist in her, Buffy contains everything that is me and she becomes me. I cease to exist. No one else exists, either. Buffy is all of us. We think, therefore she thinks."

Not that much is known about Oz(Seth Green) except that he's quiet and thoughtful. I don't think we even have a last name. The first time we saw Oz was during "Inca Mummy Girl" in the second season, when he spots Willow as the eskimo girl in the Bronze. We see him again in "Halloween" when he sees Willow crossing the street in front of his van.

It wasn't until "What's My Line," however, that we learn his name. Both he and Willow had been chosen for something(having to do with wroking for a company with computers or something like that) because they were both computer geniuses. During an attack by one of The Order or Teraka, which had been sent to kill Buffy, Oz dove in front of Willow and took a bullet for her. He doesn't even scream or cry or anything like that.

He and Willow become friends and they start going out later on during "Surprise." In a surprise birthday party for Buffy, Buffy dives in through a window and stakes a vampire in front of everyone.

"Did everyone see that guy turn into dust?"

Oz joins the gang after that and helps out. We learn in the next episode that, after being bitten by his cousing Jordy, he is a werewolf.

By season three, he became a regular to the show. He caught Willow and Xander kissing in the episode "Lover's Walk." He and Willow break up but in "Amends," he finally forgives Willow and they start going together again. He and Willow did consumate their relatioship in "Graduation"(season three finale). Their relationship gets a lot better after that.

Oz is lead guitarist for Dingoes Ate My Baby(Four Star Mary is really playing). Not much more is known about Oz, and there are rumors of his departure from the show. Hopefully, we will get to learn more about this deep character.

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