Willow Rosenburg

"You see my resolve face? You know what it means..."

Willow Rosenburg(Alyson Hannigan) starts out as a shy, meek red-head who's really smart and great with computers. She's been inlove with her best friend, Xander(Nicholas Brendon) ever since they were little.

When she met Buffy Summers they became friends. Buffy tried to losen Willow up a little, so she told Willow to seize the day. Willow followed Buffy's advise and flirts with a man... not knowing that he was a vampire. The vampire took her out, but Buffy noticed and went after them.

At the same time, Darla(see Angel) had been flirting with Jesse, Xander and Willow's now dead friend. Willow and Jesse had both been meant to be food to the Master. Buffy managed to save Willow, but Jesse was turned into a vampire and was later killed by Xander.

As a result of this adventure, Willow and Xander found out about vampires and started helping her out whenever research was needed. Willow once fell for a computer friend named Malcolm, who later turned out to be a demon called Moloch.

As the show progresses, Willow starts to come out of her shell. She later meets Oz, also a computer genius, and they start dating. She starts to forget about her love for Xander. That is, until they "accidentally" kiss while getting ready for a school dance.

Spike kidnapped them in "Lover's Walk," and they were discovered kissing by Cordelia and Oz when they came to rescue them. Willow later won Oz's forgiveness they started dating again. By the end of season three, they consumated their relationship.

Willow has now fully come out of her shell.

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