Part 8

Gaia looked up the barren mountain of the winds. This was the only place on the planet where all four winds could be felt, each having their own side in the mountain, that reach beyond the clouds. Here was where the youngest of their quartet lived, or rather, up there...somewhere above the clouds. A strong gust nearly knocked Gaia off her feet. Funny. Vyndi knew she was here and wanted to play a game or two. Fine, she could spare a little time. She closed her eyes and pointed to the ground. A great sequoia tree grew. She stepped back to admire her masterpiece. She couldn't enjoy herself for long because gale strength winds blew all around her. She saw to her dismay as the great tree fell, crashing to the ground.

Funny. Alright, have Vyndi destroy this then. She closed her eyes again. A low rumble could be heard over the wind, then all around her, gigantic trees began to grow. Bigger than sequoias and stronger than a camper. She covered the whole mountain side with them. She made one grow under her and lift her above the canopy of the forest around her to see the younger witche's reaction.

Ha! She had won. Nothing happened for a few seconds, then she noticed how the cloud percent around the mountain began to increase. Increase and move in a circular motion. Oh no, that wasn't good. She pointed toward the ground making the trees increase their amount of roots and their depth. She looked back up the mountain and saw how a gigantic funnel began to form, it covered the whole mountain top. The dark tornado grew in strength and began to make it's way down the mountain. She climbed down the tree and stepped back to a safe distance.

A few minutes later, half of her trees laid on the ground. The other half still stood, stoic to the destruction around them. Gaia sighed and ordered the trees back underground, leaving the mountain as barren as before. Enough time had been wasted already. She was beginning to make her way up the mountain, when she noticed a flying horse descending from it. A few seconds later, a girl around 14 years of age climbed down from it. She had sky blue eyes and a long cascade of silky, brown hair that almost reached her knees. Her garment flew in strips around her, they were white and had complex embroideries in blues. She ran over and hugged Gaia.

"I almost beat you this time," she said in a sing song voice.

"Yes, you did. But I didn't come here to be a victim of your latest spells, you know."

"Yes, you wouldn't come for that. So why did you come? It's not every day you drop in on me."

"We have to talk. All of us. Marina is off looking for Aysh Ra and I came to get you," Gaia told her.

"Marina get Aysh Ra? That must have been a sight," Vyndi said giggling softly.

"Well, they'll have to learn won't they?"

"I guess, still, It'll be nice to see both of them again, I miss even Aysh Ras dark humor."

"Yes, I'm afraid I do too. I thought I'd never say that but it has been a while."

"Come then! What are we waiting for?" she sent her horse back up the mountain and hurried after Gaia who was waiting in her chariot. Having Vyndi climb on, Gaia ordered her unicorns on a run.

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