Xander Harris

"I laugh in the face of danger... and then I hide until it goes away."

Xander Harris(Nicholas Brendon) was, and I guess still is, just a goofy kid, always making jokes. He is Willow's life long best friend, whose grades aren't exactly that great. And he has been totally oblivious to Willow's life long crush on him.

He first met Buffy when she bumped into him in a hallway, causing her to drop her backpack, and all the things in it to fall out. He told her his name and helped her pick up her stuff("Can I have you... er, help you?"). Since she left in a hurry, he didn't get a chance to tell her that she had left her stake behind.

After rescuing Willow(Alyson Hannigan) from the vampire that had captured her(see a href="willow.html"), Buffy came back to Xander and let him know that they still had Jesse, his and Willow's friend.

Buffy went to rescue Jesse, only to discover that he had been turned into a vampire. Later on, during Buffy's fight with Luke, one of the Master's favorites, Xander reluctantly staked Jesse.

Ever since, Xander has been part of the "Scooby Gang." He started making out with a life long enemy, Cordelia Chase(Charisma Carpenter), and it later came out into the open right about time Angel lost his soul. They broke up when Cordy and Oz caught Willow and Xander kissing in "Lover's Walk." He had a small tyrst with Faith(see Faith). Then he went out with Anya(see Anya) once, for Prom. And we see later on that Anya fell for him.

For a long time he held a grudge against Angel, probably because Angel got the girl he wanted. He probably still hates Angel, though no one really knows why now.

Xander matured a little bit, but he still remains the same goffy kid with the dumb jokes who wants attention. It might have something to do with the fact that he has a disfunctional relationship with his parents that he start to see only in season three and continues to unravel as season four continues.

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