Part 5

Lynn took several moments to consider. "What am I afraid of?" she asked, more to herself than to her friend. "I don't know. You know what? Now that I think about it, he gives me... what is it that Mom says? The wiggins?"

Had they been in any other circumstances, Jade would have laughed. But she knew Lynn, and when Lynn had a weird feeling, it was worth looking into. Besides, which, Jade had never really liked Matt, anyway.

"Since when?"

Lynn smiled sheepishly. "Ever since I met him," she answered. "I didn't really pay much attention, but lately... I don't know."

Jade frowned as she watched her friend apply make-up. "You know better than that, Lynn," she said softly.

With a sigh, Lynn finished with her mascara and turned to Jade. "I know. But since I'm not a Slayer, I never pay much attention to that stuff."

"Everyone has intuition."

"You're right."


Matt frowned as he stared after Lynn. He wasn't really sure what had gotten into her but he didn't like the reaction she was giving him. With one final glance to the bathroom where he had just seen Jade enter, he turned and made his way to the Sunnydale High exit.

"He has to know about this," Matt muttered to himself.


The door to the library swung open as Lynn stepped through. "Giles?" she called.

No answer.

"Hey, Giles," she called again, this time drawing out the "i" in a sing-song voice.

Again, no answer.

She gave out a low whistle. "G-man!" she cried out, using the name her Uncle Xander used when he wanted to annoy the Watcher.

And frustratingly enough, she still received no answer.

With a sigh, she dropped her bag on the counter and walked toward the office door. Sure enough, she found her mother's Watcher with his nose literally in a book.

"Interesting?" she asked as she plopped down on a chair next to him.

Giles jumped up, the book falling from his hands. "Evelynn Joy McKellan!" he cried. "You can be so much like your mother sometimes."

"What did I do?" Lynn asked.

Giles simply shook his head and bent down to retrieve the book. He looked up at her and, despite the fact that he had seen her almost everyday since the day of her birth, he still found her resemblance to both Buffy and Angel overwhelming. And her attitude toward everything reminded him so much of Buffy--

"What's that?" Lynn asked, pointing at the book.

"Oh, um, I was trying to find more information on this, um, impeding, possibly catastrophic prophesy."

"Such big words," Lynn said with a grin.

And of course, no one could forget the fact that she'd spent so much time with Xander, that she had also picked up on his jokes as well.

"So, what are we gonna do about it?" she continued. "I mean, what if it is me? Or what if it is my new little sister? Or what if Mom is gonna die? Or, what's her name? Aleah? What if she's gonna die? Or..."

"Calm down," Giles said, putting a gentle hand on her arm. "I'm afraid I haven't found anything else on this yet, but I am sure we will figure this out. And your new little brother or sister is going to be fine, too."

"Yeah," Lynn said. "Yeah..."

Giles smiled. "Good," he said. "But I get the feeling something else is bothering you."

Lynn looked away. "Yeah, but I'd rather not tell you. I was thinking I should talk to Mom or Dad first."

"Of course," he anwered, dismissing it as a teenager issue.

Giles opened his mouth to say something else, but was interrupted by the phone. He stood up and picked it off from its cradle. "Sunnydale High library, this is Rupert Giles speaking. How may I be of service?"

Lynn rolled her eyes and stood up. Maybe she'd be able to find something good to read while he talked...


Lynn turned at Giles' exclamation.

"What a pleasant surprise! No, no we're fine. How about you? Good, good. Prophesy? Did you talk to Buffy? Yes, I figure. No, no, you need not worry. There's no need..."

Lynn walked over to Giles and stood in front of him, as if doing so would allow her to listen to the other side of the conversation.

"Yes, I understand that Lynn is your goddaughter, but I doubt that she's in danger. Of course, yes. Buffy's your best friend and you need to be here, but the prophesy doesn't necessarily... right. Willow..." He sighed. "If you insist. No, don't bring Xander and Cordelia into this. Are you sure? But... yes, very well. We'll meet you there. Have a nice flight. Yes, I will. Good bye."

He put the phone back in its cradle and looked thoughtful for several moments.

"What did Aunt Willow say?" Lynn's voice brought Giles out of his reverie.

He started. "She talked to your mother last night and she decided that she, Cordelia, Xander, and Oz should come down here to help out."

"Will they bring Alex and Carla?" Lynn asked.

Alex was Oz and Willow's twelve year old son, while Carla was Xander and Cordelia's ten year old daughter.

"Yes, I believe they will," Giles answered. "I doubt anything will happen, anyway."

Lynn stared at him incredulously.

"What?" he asked.

"You do know you have just jinxed this in a major way, right?"

Giles looked at her for several more moments before sighing in defeat. "Yes, I have."

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