Daala's Fan Fiction

This page contains all of my Fan Fiction. I have some re-writes of a certain scene in an episode. I also have several multiple part stories. I adore feedback, and when I get a lot of it, I write more and faster.

I Still Do
Angel has to go back to Sunnydale to help out and he gets to meet Buffy... along with her new b/f and her new life. If it seems B/R, it's not. Really, it's B/A...

Righting the Wrong
My Christmas fic! It's a weird story based on a dream a friend of mine had. Buffy and Angel's future son has to stop something from going very wrong.

Playing Nurse
An interlude to "What's My Line 2." Nice and fluffy, and it's what I think should've happened.

A Second Chance: Together Forever
An interlude to "A Little Souvenir." Buffy and Angel's conversation after Lynn goes to sleep.

The Way It Should Have Been
This is an alternate ending to "Surprise" and goes into "Innocence." What would've happened if Angel had never lost his soul?

Dinner at Buffy's
Sequel to "The Way It Should Have Been." It's a re-write of "Phases," and it has five parts.

A Little Souvenir
It's written in first person point of view from a girl in the future. I can't say who's 'cause that would give it away, so read ahead.

A New Addition
The sequel to "A Little Souvenir." It's written from third person POV this time, and it's a bit longer with an actual plot.

In Love With an Angel
Yup, another POV fic. This one is Buffy's point of view during her and Angel's first kiss during the season one episode, "Angel".

As Luck Would Have It
Angel's point of view during "Surprise" when Buffy visists him first thing in the morning.

If Only I Had Known
Angel's point of view during the very end of "Surprise."

No Tomorrow
Buffy's point of view at the end of "Surprise." Companion piece to "If Only I Had Known."

The Thin Line
Evil Angel(aka Angelus)'s point of view during "Passion" when he talks to Joyce right outside of Buffy's house.

Buffy's point of view during her and Joyce's 'talk' during "Passion."

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