Part 4

"Aunt Maureen?" Oz spoke into the phone. "Yeah, it's Oz... yeah, it's healing. That's what I wanted to ask. Is Jordy a werewolf? Uh, huh. How long? Yeah... okay. No, no reason. Thanks."

He put the phone back in it's cradle and sighed. This was not good.


Willow sat in the library table, Buffy was pacing as Giles and Xander looked on.

"Giles, we need to do something before the werewolf actually gets someone," Buffy said.

"Yes," Giles said, taking off his glasses and cleaning them in normal Giles fashion. "Yes, of course."

Willow nodded in agreement. "And we only have one night left to do it," she said.

Oz chose that moment to walk into the library. "Hey."

The others greeted him. "Hey, Oz."

"What's up?" he said.

"Oh, we're still trying to figure out who this werewolf is."

Oz hesitated and walked over to where Willow was sitting. "Can I tell you guys something?" he said as he sat down next to her.

They waited silently for him to continue. "Um, I kinda know who the werewolf is."

"Kinda?" Xander said. "How do 'kinda' know something?"

"It's, uh," Oz stuttered in an un-Oz like manner. "It's me."

Gasps filled the room immediately. Oz winced as he saw Willow back away a little. "Why didn't you say so before?" Buffy asked.

"I found out yesterday," Oz said, holding up his injured finger. "I thought I'd tie myself up tonight."

Giles nodded and stepped forward. "Yes, of course," he said. "I think the cage here in the library would be much better."

Oz nodded.

"Yes, well, um, why don't you meet us here at six o'clock tonight?" Giles said.

"Sure," Oz replied just as the bell rang. They all got up and got their books to go to class. Willow lingered behind, waiting for Oz.

Oz looked at her and began finding his books. "Are you okay with this?" Oz said as he got up and walked out the door with her.

"I think it'll take some getting used to," Willow answered.

"But will it be a problem? I mean, does this change how you feel about me?" Oz asked.

Willow considered slightly then shook her head. "Nah," she answered. "I mean, like Buffy said. Her boyfriend had a bicentennial."

Oz grinned. "Cool."

"So, I'd still if you'd still."

"I'd definately still."

Willow nodded and started for her class. Then she stopped, turned around and planted a small kiss on his cheek.

Oz watched her go. "A werewolf in love," he muttered.


That night, Buffy and Angel 'patrolled' Lover's Lane. They sat on a bench together, making out. Respecting Buffy's need to breathe, Angel pulled away.

"So, Oz is the werewolf?" he spoke only for the second time that night.

"Yup," Buffy said with a sigh. "I guess I was right when I said that none of us is ever gonna have a normal relationship. I mean, I'm dating a vampire, not that I mind," she added when she saw the look on Angel's face, "Willow's dating a werewolf, and Xander's dating... Cordelia."

Angel chuckled. "We live on the Hellmouth."

"Oh, yeah."

"So, your house tomorrow?"

Buffy nodded. "My mom is so giddy," she said with a smile. "She really wants to meet you.


"I hope the feeling lasts," Angel said with a small hint of bitterness.

Buffy frowned. "Hey," she said. "I thought we left the brooding act back into last week."

"We did," Angel confirmed.

"Good," Buffy said with a smile. "So, tomorrow. Wear something nice. Something cool..."

She was interrupted by a voice nearby. "Well, lookie what we have here."

Buffy turned to find Cain standing in front of her. "You," she said.

"What happened to the old guy? Werewolf hunt too much for him?" Cain said with a smirk.

"We found the werewolf," Buffy said icily. "We captured him."

"Well, isn't that nice?" Cain said. "Once less tooth for my collection."

Buffy stood up and grabbed his rifle. She took each end with each hand and, straining a little, she bent the rifle in the middle. Cain stared, bewildered, as she handed the gun back to him. He stared at her and then glanced at Angel. Slowly, he turned and left without another word.

Angel smiled and stood. He took Buffy around her waist and brought her close. "Why don't we finish patrol and go home?"

"Whose home?" Buffy asked.

Angel shook his head with indifference. "You know my home is your home anytime."

Buffy grinned and wrapped her arms around her neck in a tight embrace. She raised her lips to meet his in a passionate kiss.


"So, Angel is coming over for dinner tonight?" Willow asked Buffy.

Buffy nodded. "Yup. Oh, Will, I'm so nervous," she confessed. "I didn't want to say anything to him, but... well, I'm sure my mom's gonna like him. It's just well, he's older and my mom's really protective 'cause, you know, I'm her only daughter, and... I'm babbling, aren't I?"

Willow nodded. "Nervousness does that to you. But don't worry. Even if he is older, I mean, he's not like some guys who just want to take advantage of girls. He's mature..."

"My mom will like him."

"And even if she didn't," Willow continued. "She doesn't have to know you're seeing him."

Buffy tightened her lips. "Yeah, but I don't like lying to my mom."

"I know," Willow said with sympathy. "But, what I mean is that it's not like you'll never see him again."

"Right," Buffy said with a nod.

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