Megg's Fan Fic

All of this here is Megg's fan fic. Some of these also make a jump to another site so to come back to this one, please press the back button of your browser. Enjoy!

Buffy looks through a photo album, her POV.

Past Ghosts
"It's the future and Buffy and Angel are married(yea!) but demons of the past are threatening to tear them apart." <-- Quoting Michelle, who issued the challenge.

Blind Date
The gang sets up Buffy and Angel in a blind date...

Truth or Dare
Secrets are revealed in a game of Truth or Dare between the "Scooby" gang.

Back For Good
Giles finds a spell to make everything right again in their lives, but Angel has to do something he doesn't want to... will he risk it?

Wedding Bells
Cordy and Xander are getting married. Nice X/C fluff with some B/A and W/O thrown in.

Buffy goes to LA to visit Cordy and gets a couple of surprises.

Angel takes six kids trick or treating. Set several years in the future.

His Child
Based on a challenge: A child wanders into Angel's office and when her parents can't be found, Angel makes Buffy an offer she can't refuse.

Please Forgive Me
Angel's "I Will Remember You"... Megg's way. Very nice and fluffy.

The Powers That Be
Megg re-wrote the end of Angel's "I Will Remember You" so that Buffy and Angel have a happy ending after all. Also nice and fluffy.

Holiday Series

A Perfect Holiday
Megg's Thanksgiving fic. Set in the future, everyone in the gang has married and have children of their own. B/A, C/D, W/O, X/A

Christmas Chaos
This is next in Megg's Holiday series. The gang and their children enjoy a somewhat... strange Christmas dinner at Joyce's house. B/A, C/D, W/O, X/A

Luck o' the Irish
Next in Megg's Holiday series, this is Megg's St. Patrick's Day fic. B/A, C/D, W/O, X/A

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