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The Fluff Series

House Hunting 101
Buffy and Angel go looking for a house with Joyce, Katrina, and well, read and find out...

Furniture Shopping For Dummies.
Buffy decides the house needs new furniture and drags Angel along for the torture also known as shopping.

Moving Day
Buffy and Angel move into their new home.

Buffy finds a stray kitten... will Angel let her keep it?

Interview With an (Ex) Vampire
Angel is looking for a job in an unlikely place...

Browsing and Buying
Cordelia takes Buffy and Willow shopping.

An Unexpected Guest
Someone very important to Buffy shows up, wanting to know why she's not living with her mother anymore.

Angel gets sick for the first time in two centuries.

A Night of Hellmouthy Fun
Buffy's friends decide it's time for Buffy and Angel to get out of the house for night. Mini golf and the Bronze ensue.

Angst. Scenes from Angel's "I Will Remember You" from Angel's point of view.

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